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  1. Epidemics and Homeopathy Seminar Notes

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  2. Epidemics and Homeopathy

    Case taking, potency selection, use of nosodes and preventative measures. AIDS, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis, measles, vaccinations, whooping cough, worms.
  3. Fevers and Infections

    Fevers in general and in relation to case taking, vitality and fevers, types and stages of fevers, potencies, aggravations. Whooping cough, meningitis, influenza, pneumonia, hepatitis, mononucleosis, sexually transmitted diseases, bladder and kidney infections, gonorrhea, mastitis, AIDS and ARC, herpes, shingles, impetigo and vaginitis.
  4. Geriactrics and Hygiene

  5. Musculoskeletal Disorders

    Carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, back injuries, bone remedies, sacral-iliac problems, slipped disks, TMJ, whiplash, sciatica, bursitis, ankylosing spondylitis and tendonitis.
  6. MetaRepertory: Mind-Body-Clinical Index of Homeopathic Remedies (2018 Edition) (4th Edition)

    The New 4th Edition of the Homeopathic Clinical Repertory Book: 3 Sections, (Mind, Body, Clinical) and 49 Chapters, 2,630 pages
  7. Keynote Materia Medica

    Abrotanum to Zingiber - Vivid remedy images and keynote symptoms of 275 Homeopathic Remedies transcribed from Dr. Murphy's lectures and notes.
  8. Commentary on Organon of Medicine

    In continuation of our endeavor to bring to you the best of literature on homeopathic philosophy, we are presenting Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine, Sixth Edition, with Robin Murphy's Commentary on Easy Homeopathic Practice ...
  9. Case Analysis and Prescribing Techniques

    Case taking is the most important part of homeopathic professional treatment, and an art which can decide not only the progress of a patient but the final outcome of the case as well. In order to make this an enjoyable and rewarding experience, we introduce Robin Murphy's Case Analysis and Prescribing Techniques, a book written by the...
  10. Environmental Remedies

    Set of 8 CDs
  11. Clinical Philosophy and Practice 4

    Introduction to LM prescribing, Hahnemann's LM and water potencies discussed in depth. Outlines dose adjustments for hypersensitives. Topics include: Homeopathic clinical philosophy, Hahnemann's Organon and concepts of health and disease. Homeopathic pharmacy and prescribing techniques. This booklet contains 9...
  12. Clinical Philosophy and Practice 3

    Continues the Organon Philosophy and Practice and discusses the Principles of Health, reviews signs of health, and provides an analysis of remedy reactions.
  13. Rasa Gemstone Essences

    Rasa Gemstone Essences: this two day seminar reviews the following topics: Ayurveda and Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Philosophy, Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Rasayana Remedies, Detoxification Remedies, Water Essences and Tonics. Gem History and Folklore. Gems and Medical Astrology, Homeopathic Gem Remedies, Rasa Essences and Tonics, Homeopathic...

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  14. New, Old and Forgotten Remedies

    Many rare and peculiar remedies are presented with their practical application emphasized. Remedy groups discussed include insect and spider venom, radioactive, magnetic and imponderables, remedies from our environment and rare remedies with potential new uses. Selected topics on philosophy include health and longevity, various ways of...
  15. OUT OF PRINT: Vitality Qigong - workbook

    Related to the Vitality Qi Gong DVD

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  16. OUT OF PRINT: Vitality Qigong

    The Vitality Qigong, (Chi Kung) traditions contains the wisdom of ancient Lotus Medicine. The Lotus School of Medical Qigong is based on the ancient Qigong/Yoga Health and Longevity Sciences. Buddhist monks, nuns, yogis and hermits had access to the ancient qigong practices of India, Tibet and China from which Mi Zong or Lotus Qigong was...

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  17. Rasayana and Rejeuvination

    Rejuvenation And Longevity. This Seminar Covers Oriental Health Philosophy As It Pertains To Aging And Longevity. Topics Include: Anti-Aging Research, Longevity And Lifestyle, Constitutional Regeneration,Satvic Diet And Nutrition, Rejuvenation Methods, Fasting And Detoxification, Urine Therapy, Raw Food, Lucid Dreaming And Natural Remedies.
  18. Nature's Materia Medica (4th edition)

    * Nature's Materia Medica is the 3rd edition of the Homeopathic Remedy Guide. Over 1,400 Homeopathic and Herbal remedies from around the world are reviewed as to their homeopathic, herbal and historical uses. * Nature's Medica Medica has been entirely updated with spelling and grammer co ...
  19. Clinical Philosophy and Practice 2

    Introduction to LM prescribing, Hahnemann's LM and water potencies discussed in depth. Outlines dose adjustments for hypersensitives. Topics include: Homeopathic clinical philosophy, Hahnemann's Organon and concepts of health and disease. Homeopathic pharmacy and prescribing techniques.This booklet contains 9...
  20. Case Analysis and Philosophy

    Philosophy, case taking, case analysis, Organon, mistakes in prescribing, vital force, definition of health, etiologies, miasms. Cases analyzed with follow-up.
  21. Children's Health Care

    Problems at birth, sore throats, ear infections, respiratory problems, bed wetting, worms, abused children, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, autism, the vaccination issue, case taking and general children's remedies.
  22. Homeopathic Clinical Repertory

    The third editon of The Homeopathic Clinical Repertory was designed to be a complete rewrite and major upgrade of the Homeopathic Medical Repertory, second edition. My attempt has always been to create a new and easy-to-use repertory for homeopaths to use in daily practice, while still remaining acc ...

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