Robert Ellis Dudgeon

Book Author Full Name: Robert Ellis Dudgeon

Books by this Author

  1. The Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann

    Follow Hahnemann's thought from his early, dissatisfied days as a conventional doctor to his discoveries that revealed an eternal principle of healing. Experience for yourself Hahnemann's genius and genuine philanthropy in this unique collection.The book contains a number of valuable essays, including his first major essay that...
  2. Organon of Medicine - Fifth and Sixth Edition Combined

    R.E. Dudgeon, MD, translator. (1893, England). Contains a more recent editor’s comparisons to the 6th edition. A combination of 5th edition by Dudgeon (the 1893 revision) with the 6th edition by Boericke. Essentially, one can see the changes that Hahnemann made to the text of the 5th. A valuable sudy guide with a...