Rima Handley

Book Author Full Name: Rima Handley

Books by this Author

  1. In search of the Later Hahnemann

    This book is the story of Samuel Hahnemann's practice of homeopathy in Paris during the last years of his life. It is based on his actual casebooks, which up till now have been left substantially unexamined in a German library.It was to Paris that Hahnemann had moved with his young secon ...
  2. OUT OF PRINT: A Homeopathic Love Story, The Story of Samuel and Mlanie Hahnemann

    At last we have a serious and enchanting book which approaches the story of these extraordinary people in a historical and critical light. The clarity of Rima Handley's careful and fascinating research allows us to see homeopathy as its founders saw it, from within their own time and without the dog ...

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