Research in Homeopathy

Results - publications - observations

by Philippe Belon

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This book includes essential scientific information for a proper understanding of research linked to homeopathy. To this effect, it is mainly written for physicians, and further, for all scientific and medical circles. It is not all-encompassing: only published research projects are covered.

Entirely updated, it opens with a presentation of meta-analyses, an approach that has marked considerable advances in the past few years. Next, it describes the most significant results published both as clinical trials and as fundamental research. These different studies highlight the continuity of certain protocols and their confirmation in terms of scientific worth: study on high dilutions of histamine, study on high dilutions of aspirin, etc. This new edition also includes a recent study of high dilutions by thermoluminescence.

The book is further completed by a chapter on history and veterinary research, and it develops an analysis on the medical-economic assessment of homeopathic medication.

Research in Homeopathy
ISBN 9782857422136
Language English
Author Philippe Belon
Pages 103
Publication Date 2010
Type Paperback
Publisher Editions Boiron