Remedy Relationships

by Thomas Blasig

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'I first saw this book in Belgium in 1998, and immediately thought, we would like that in English. It was so nicely produced, and remembered how I had carried around my dog eared Indian Print of the remedy relationships book, so treasured for years. I thought, this is better! I asked the publisher, Reinhard Rose, how could we get the book in English. You can translate it, it is not much, look, most of it is just remedy names in Latin. I saw that it was not a huge task, and contacted my friend and colleague, Hanna Waldbaum, who said she would be interested in collaborating with me over the translation. We underestimated the amount of time involved, by about 80%, so here 3 years later, after fitting in a few hours here, a few hours there, is the result. It was worth it! Kind thanks to Peter Vint in Germany, for supplying the original texts, and his expertise in recognising where for example the source is Clarke, that the original English text has been used, rather than retranslated German! Enjoy the book, and more power to Homoeopathy'

Phil Edmonds July 2001
Remedy Relationship
ISBN 3929271265
Language English
Author Thomas Blasig
Pages 121
Publication Date 2001
Type Paperback
Publisher Hahnemann Institut