Remedies of the Class Aves-Birds (mind map 4)

by Alicia Lee

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Alicia Lee has done it again! Following on from her unique and exceptionally popular Trilogy of Homeopathic Mind map books, in this single volume of 149 pages of homeopathic mind maps and differential charts she has presented us with an unprecedented 75 different species of bird remedies.

The materia medica is drawn from provings, triturations, case studies, meditative provings, shamanistic provings and dream provings. Virtually everything that has been written about birds to date is included.

The book begins with a short introduction to taxonomy, necessary if you are going to understand the layout of the book. Each Order of birds has its own section, and each bird remedy is assigned its correct and current scientific name.

There is a mind map of Birds in general, and then one to introduce each Order of birds assisting us to differentiate between the groups. Within each group are Families, each grouping allowing us to narrow our search down. This logical progression gives us great confidence in our prescription.

Not only are these books the definitive resource for Bird remedies, they are also works of art, with many beautiful photographs, poetry, scientific information, mythology, and so much more. They are as wonderful a bedtime read as they are an indispensible clinical materia medica.

ISBN 9780473257200
Language English
Author Alicia Lee
Pages 157
Publication Date 2013
Type Spiral Bound

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