Relationship of Remedies

by Robert Gibson Miller


This pamphlet addresses duration of action, drug affinities, and sidedness with the author gleaning the information from Boenninghausen’s Lesser Writings.

The book discusses in detail the inter-relationships between the various drugs of the homeopathic Materia Medica with a list of complimentary remedies, inimicals, follow well remedies and antidotes together with the proposed duration of action of the remedies. It provides the busy practitioner with a quick glance of vitally relevant information in an easy to understand & comprehend format.

Relationship of Remedies
Brand New, but printed in India so the quality is usually not that good.
ISBN 9788131905340
Language English
Author Robert Gibson Miller
Pages 32
Publication Date 2012-01-01
Type Paperback
Printed in India
Publisher B. Jain
Book Author(s) Robert Gibson Miller