Rasa Gemstone Essences

by Robin Murphy


Rasa Gemstone Essences: this two day seminar reviews the following topics: Ayurveda and Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Philosophy, Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Rasayana Remedies, Detoxification Remedies, Water Essences and Tonics. Gem History and Folklore. Gems and Medical Astrology, Homeopathic Gem Remedies, Rasa Essences and Tonics, Homeopathic Cell Salts, Herbal Remedies and Tonics. Amber, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Yellow Sappire, Cat's Eye, Diamond, Emerald, Jade, Moonstone, Pearl, Red Coral, Ruby, Topaz, Turquois, Yellow Sappire, etc.

Rasa Gemstone Essences
Language English
Author Robin Murphy
Type CD-Audio