Quick Bed-Side Prescriber

by Shinghal

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Hundreds of ailments in alphabetical order with remedies.

A practical guide, which maybe very helpful in selecting the proper remedy quickly and accurately, especially at the bed-side.
The alphabetical arrangement of diseases has made this Prescriber more valuable for the busy practitioner as well as the lay prescriber.
The Prescriber may prove a labour saving device and a ready and easy reckoner in cases of emergency. It will provide the practitioner with therapeutic pointers to select the correct remedy quickly with their potencies and without much ado.

Quick Bed-Side Prescriber
Brand New, but printed in India so the quality is usually not that good.
ISBN 9788131903513
Language English
Author Shinghal
Pages 727
Publication Date 2003-01-01
Type Paperback
Printed in India
Publisher B. Jain