Principles of Prescribing

by K.N. Mathur

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Case studies from many well known homeopaths illustrate prescribing in different ways, such as totality, keynotes, causations, miasms, repertorization, relationships, organopathic remedies, tautopathy, dowsing, blood investigations and more.

A masterly work on various methods on which a prescription can be based. The book demonstrates prescribing on the totality, miasms, keynotes, organ affinity, direction of cure & repertorisation, collected from clinical experiences of pioneers of homoeopathy.

Principles of Prescribing
Brand New, but printed in India so the quality is usually not that good.
ISBN 9788131903551
Language English
Author K.N. Mathur
Pages 671
Publication Date 2003-06-30
Type Hardback
Printed in India
Publisher B. Jain

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