Potency in Homeopathic Prescribing

by Julie Bernard

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The topic of potency is probably the most baffling aspect of homeopathy for the newly initiated to understand. Julie Bernard has undertaken a large task by setting out to penetrate the mystique. Her section on the historical aspects of potency selection makes for interesting reading. Her reviews of the methods of practitioners like Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Neville Wood and Anthony Bickley (to name only a few) offer us insight into their techniques and philosophies. Bernard also provides the questionnaire used to gather the information, all the results she gleans from the study and the conclusions she drew from the results. There is no hard and fast blueprint for potency choice arrived at by this work BUT the student or practitioner is clearly able to make better informed decisions about potency selection after reading Julie Bernard"s POTENCY in Homeopathic Prescribing.

Potency in Homeopathic Prescribing - Penetrating the Mystique
A study on the history of potency in America including excerpts from the writings of past and contemporary masters and a compilation of a survey of 300 practitioners from America, Canada, Europe and India on how and why they utilize various potencies and how they dose. A valuable resource for anyone trying to understand this complex aspect of homeopathy.

Potency in Homeopathic Prescribing
Language English
Author Julie Bernard
Pages 114
Publication Date 2010
Type Spiral Bound