Plant Names in Homeopathy

by Vilma Bharatan

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In response to the problem this booklet provides a standard reference system for homeopathic practitioners, and other users of plant remedies by reconciling the old codes with the current Botanical Code of Nomenclature. The reasons for revision relate to the fact that the homeopathic Materiae Medicae have not adhered to a proscribed nomenclature standard, but various different codes largely of historical interest. This differs sharply from botanical practice where a whole set of agreed rules have been implemented for about a century. A revised list of remedies using currently accepted botanical names should provide an international standard that can be maintained and regularly updated in line with the revisions of the Botanical Code that takes place every six years. 

Plant Names in Homeopathy
ISBN 0565091778
Language English
Author Vilma Bharatan
Pages 126
Publication Date 2002-04-24
Type Paperback