Placenta Humanum (Welsh) - Free PDF Download

by Kathy Biggs - Linda Gwillim

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Page 4. Why Placenta?
Page 5. The mother, pregnancy and birth.
Page 6. Making the remedy.
Page 7. Organising the proving.
Page 8. Physiology of Placenta.
Page 10. Anthropology of Placenta.
Page 13. Repertory.
Page 69. Summary of physical symptoms.
Page 70. Stages of the journey.
Page 71. Themes.
Page 81. Journey the expanded theme.
Page 86. Cases.
Page 88. Bibliography and acknowledgements.
Placenta Humanum (Welsh) - Free PDF Download
Language English
Author Kathy Biggs, Linda Gwillim
Publication Date 2010
Type Paperback

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