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  1. Twelve jewels

    This work took 10 years on gems. It is an in depth appraisal of many provings and cases, with a foreword by Scholten and 36 full page colour plates. An artist was commissioned to paint the inner feeling of each of the gems positive and negative. The text includes extensive mental, physical and spiri ...
  2. Rose Quartz

    Precious stones have long been recognized as having power over diseases and destinies. Rose Quartz in particular has been known for its use in ‘matters of the heart’.Having written his fundamental work “Twelve Jewels”, Peter Tumminello realized that there was a “thirteenth jewel” of simi ...
  3. The child's mind and Behaviour

    We all know how tricky it can be to get children to communicate their symptoms. This repertory will assist the practitioner to find medicines especially useful in the treatment of children. Along with an extensive repertory, included in this book is an in-depth guide to taking the child’s case. This ...
  4. Rhus glabra, a homeopathic proving

    Rhus glabra now joins Anacardium and Rhus tox which are well known medicines for the treatment of conditions arising from abuse. Rhus glabra's immanent feeling of being abused is compensated by the feeling of being a spiritual and intellectual authority. This is boldly and simply portrayed in the dr ...

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  5. Psyche and Structure

    What began as an exploration into the crystal structure of gemstones, has unfurled into a deeper and unexpected insight into all metals, minerals and organic compounds, as they too crystallise. Through researching hundreds of clinical cases and provings Peter Tumminello has arrived at a refined understanding of the implications of crystal...
  6. Table of Psyche & Structure

    This chart, developed by Peter over many years, is a template for the therapeutic application of the gems. On one axis of the chart, he has placed the element of crystal structure,which describes eight specific personality typesor ‘psycho-emotional forms’. Peter elucidates these ‘essential trends of thinking and...