Peter Chappell

Book Author Full Name: Peter Chappell

Books by this Author

  1. The Second Simillimum

    This book represents a giant step forward in homeopathic treatment!In his search for a homeopathic answer to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, Peter Chappell discovered a new way of designing homeopathic simillima for epidemics and chronic diseases. The results with his PC1 remedy for HIV ...
  2. Emotional healing with Homeopathy

    This book covers a range of conditions that stem from psychological and physical traumas. Chappell conveys specific information about many remedies for individuals with varied health problems related to trauma. ...

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  3. E-Book: Homeopathy for Diseases

    This book is about advances within homeopathic medicine that on the one hand build on two centuries of homeopathic philosophy and practice and on the other hand incorporate modern views and techniques to further improve the success of homeopathy.The collective nature of suffering on the planet ...