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  1. OUT OF PRINT: The Haemorrhage Controller

    Asthenopia is described as the medical condition of weakness or easy fatigue of the eye with pain in the eyes, headache, and dimness of vision. Through this handy reference booklet a lot of misconceptions & ignorance about the ailment have been cleared. The included repertory helps in finding the mo ...

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  2. OUT OF PRINT: Cancer Curable Under Homoeopathic Treatment

    This book presents a bird’s eye view to one of the most common allergic manifestation in modern times, namely bronchial asthma, incorporating it’s modern definition & parameters, etiological hypothesis, patho-physiology, diagnosis, course & complications with medicinal & auxiliary treatment. The aut ...

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  3. Remedies for Pains & Warts

    Homeopathic case taking is an art with special emphasis on individualization of the patient &guides the physician towards selection of the similimum from a group of similars. In this literature, Dr.Boger emphasizes the significance of the study of Materia Medica as well as case taking which are the ...
  4. OUT OF PRINT: Specific Remedies for Respiratory, Cardiac and urinary Diseases

    How to Use the Repertory, by Glen Irving Bidwell, was published in 1915. As a student of Kents Bidwell had the opportunity to learn the proper application of the repertory. This work is his effort to disseminate this knowledge as widely as possible. There are two sections to this book. The first cov ...

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  5. Homeopathy Therapy for Gout, Arthritis and Rheumatism with Concomitants

    This wonderful book reveals how homoeopathy is miraculous in expelling worms out of the body. Even though Homeopathy is the wonder of scientific application and not magic, in case of worms its magical expelling is mysterious. It won’t kill the worms as such, but it just expels them by making the circumstances unfavorable for worms. So,...
  6. How to Cure Headache, Facial Neuralgia, Glaucoma, Toothache etc. with Homeopathy

    The  objective of this book is to provide to it’s readers an easy guide for treatment of skin affections of diverse kind.Often stubborn to respond to internal medication,the most distinctive features of a large number of remedies in common practice are listed in alphabetical order for the ease of finding.A small & handy...
  7. OUT OF PRINT: Cancer Curable under Homeopathic Treatment

    The failure in treating cancer successfully particularly by other sciences of medicine, the main attention having lived on external treatment only, compels me to convince the profession how the Science of Homoeopathy paves the way to treat cancer cases constitutionally and mere or less, successfully if selection of drug is correct. To...

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