Obtaining Optimum Health

A practical guide to removing obstacles to cure

by Jóna Agústa Ragneidardòttir - Roger Dyson - Rona Francis

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This book is written by three experienced practitioners of homoeopathy and naturopathy who share their findings on how to help patients achieve their health potential.
This book explains why there may be longterm, chronic conditions despite appropriate treatment. It explores environmental factors such as electromagnetic stress, geopathic
stress, chemical toxins and much more, and gives practical solutions for dealing with them.
The results of years of research and study of a wide range of cases and problems.
Obtaining Optimum Health
ISBN 9781874581093
Language English
Author Jóna Agústa Ragneidardòttir, Roger Dyson, Rona Francis
Pages 150
Type Paperback
Printed in Great Brittain
Publisher Winter Press