Notes 2: unreliable basic support

by Massimo Mangialavori - Vicky Burley Smith

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The focus is on case taking and case analysis. Cases and discussion of Silicium and related: Alumina silicata, Calcarea silicata, Natrum silicatum, Kali silicatum, Equisetum, Bambusa, Sphingurus, Castor equi and more. Carbonium related: Carbo vegetabilis, Carbo animalis, Carboneum sulphuratum, Graphites, Germanium, Adamas. Magnesium and related: Magnesium carbonicum, Magnesium iodatum, Magnesium muriaticum, Magnesium fluoratum, Magnesium phosphoricum, Magnesium sulphuricum, Colocynthis, Luffa operculata.

Notes 2: unreliable basic support
ISBN 8888799052
Language English
Author Massimo Mangialavori
Pages 143
Publication Date 2003
Type Hardback
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