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  1. Spectrum of Homeopathy - Power of Drugs No. 2

    Power Drugs Cacao, Camphora, Coffea cruda, Coffea tosta, Coca, Chocolate, Damiana, Ephedra, Guarana, Kola, Kava kava, Mate, Tabacum.18693091-2
  2. Spectrum Of Homoeopathy - Elements of Life 02/2011

    The ancient teaching of the four elements is reflected both in the natural sciences and in homeopathy. Life on our planet arose from the bonding of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. At the very beginning, there was Hydrogenium, which also stands for human procreation in the Theory of the Elements, whereas Carboneum, Nitrogenium, and...
  3. Spectrum of Homeopathy - Acute - 2011

    For Samuel Hahnemann, the law of similars proved its value above all in the treatment of acute disease, sporadic fevers, and epidemics. Later on, modern medicine celebrated its greatest success in the area of infectious disease. Only now, with increasing distrust of multiple vaccinations and growing resistance to antibiotics, has there been a...