Mohinder Singh Jus

Book Author Full Name: Mohinder Singh Jus

Books by this Author

  1. OUT OF PRINT: Hom. Cure for Common Dideases

    Homoeopathic pharmacy and Posology is mentioned in this book for the convenience of the students in the art and mode of prescribing. This book gives complete information about the Materia Medica and Universal Law of Therapeutics. The exclusive added feature of this book is “How to take the Case” whi ...

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  2. The Journey of a Disease

    Suppression through medication induces a shift of symptomsfrom external to internal. This suppression complicateschronic diseases and leads a person to a dangerous path.This path is described as the journey of a disease by theauthor. Hahnemann discovered that there has to besomething within ourselves that makes us prone to sickness.Hahnemann...