Miranda Castro

Book Author Full Name: Miranda Castro

Books by this Author

  1. Mastering Natural Remedies - Homeopathy 101

    Contains 3 DVDs. Nearly 5 hours of material.Learn the theory and practice of homeopathy - how to use it safely to address many different First Aid situations - from bumps and bruises to cuts and burns, insect bites, sprains and strains, and healing after surgery.This is the most fun you've had learning - you'll feel like Miranda...
  2. Mastering Natual Remedies - Stress Busters

    Contains 3 DVDs. Nearly 5 hours of material.Learn to treat the effects of emotional and physical stresses - the stresses and strains we experience as we navigate the seas of life can cause distress and sickness if prolonged or severe.Emotional and Mental Stresses including grief, loss, worry, anger, disappointment, resentment,...
  3. The Complete Homeopathy Handbook

    Homeopathy is an approach to medicine based on the principle that any substance that can cause illness can also be a cure. Centuries old, its practice has always enjoyed wide popularity among individuals looking for safe and effective ways to treat illness as well as to improve their health. The Complete Homeopathy Handbook...
  4. Homeopathic Guide to Stress: Safe and Effective Natural Ways to Alleviate Physical and Emotional Stress

    In Ms. Castro's usual clear and engaging style, she focuses on many common physical and emotional stresses, suggesting homeopathic remedies and common sense solutions to help with their resolution.