Metals in Homeopathy

by Patricia Le Roux

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English translation of Patricia Le Rouxs previous acclaimed essay, Metals in homeopathy is the resume of all her work as a paediatrician and as a homeopathist. Whether you believe or not in the power of metals, this book will manage to convince you at least, to change your mind at best. With clear examples, with convincing arguments, the author shows us how metals can help us and our children, healing our health and their mental problems. A good alternative to traditional medicines, for those whove tried everything to be cured

Increasingly using metals in her paediatric prescriptions, in both chronic and in acute pathology, Patricia Le Roux has felt the need to write an essay focussing specifically on this group of medicaments, as it could be of general interest. Being the fruit of much reflexion and intensive study of the research carried out by Doctors Jan Scholten and R. Sankaren, this book is indeed a valuable addition to the homeopathic medical library. Le Roux demonstrates, through practical examples and case histories, how she came to realize the prescriptive value of metals in homeopathic dilution, particularly for children. And shows us how an anaemic child can be restored to health by ferrum metallicum; how a defensive aggressive adolescent can be calmed by the intervention of zincum metallicum; how argentum metallicum can heal a singer from a complete loss of voice; how iridium metallicum can get a tennis champion back on the court in a matter of days, after he developed an inflammatory synovitis and cysts on his wrist.
Metals in Homeopathy
ISBN 9783939931775
Language English
Author Patricia Le Roux
Pages 379
Publication Date 2009
Type Hardback
Publisher Narayana Verlag

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