Medical Homoeopathy

by Steve Smith

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Building on the enormous success of the widely acclaimed first edition:
Quality, durable hardback
Designed for daily use speed and convenience
A reference book to effectively bridge the homopathic and medical divide
12 sections, each with detailed contents list
Succinct, informal and witty style
Detailed index

For ease of use the book is divided into human body systems, each system forms a chapter and then each chapter has a contents list and covers:
Key anatomy & physiology
Conventional treatment
Homopathic treatment including specifics and therapeutics
Adjunctive treatment where required

An indispensable reference work for every homeopath Ian Watson

An excellent quick reference guide written in a delightfully informal style... full of pathological, homeopathic and common sense reminders- an invaluable companion to everyday practice. Miranda Castro

there is something useful here for all homopaths, no matter how long they have been in practice Karin Mont, Director ARH

Medical Homoeopathy
ISBN 9781874581901
Language English
Author Steve Smith
Pages 272
Publication Date 2007-09-05
Type Hardback
Printed in Great Brittain
Publisher Winter Press

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