Mastering Natual Remedies - Stress Busters

by Miranda Castro

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Contains 3 DVDs. Nearly 5 hours of material.
Learn to treat the effects of emotional and physical stresses - the stresses and strains we experience as we navigate the seas of life can cause distress and sickness if prolonged or severe.
Emotional and Mental Stresses including grief, loss, worry, anger, disappointment, resentment, nerves, fears (of flying, exams, public speaking), brain fog, over-study and more.
Physical Stresses including injuries, chemical exposures, vaccination, the effects of weather, jetlag, lack of sleep, and more
This is the most fun you've had learning - you'll feel like Miranda is in the room with you as she give practical tips, tells memorable stories and answers questions for home prescribers like you.
You'll learn about dozens of stressors and the natural remedies to heal them. Get to the root of stress by treating the underlying cause so it will be gone for good!
These DVDs are ideal for home-prescribers and also great for students and homeopaths wanting to review acute prescribing.
This DVD set is complete as is and it complements the DVD set Homeopathy 101 (Introduction, First Aid/Accidents/Injuries), also presented by Miranda Castro.
Professionally recorded and edited.
Chapter titles make it easy to find the remedy or condition you want.
Have fun learning! Enjoy the insights of an experienced, entertaining instructor!

Mastering Natual Remedies - Stress Busters
Language English
Author Miranda Castro
Type DVD