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  1. Lacs in Homeopathy

    A search for a deeper understanding and the themes of the most frequently used Lac remedies. Expanded with pathogenesis, natural history, proving and clinical cases. Includes: Lac Humanum, Lac Equinum, Lac Delphinum, Lac Leoninum, Lac Felinum, Lac Vaccinum Defloratum and includes Power point present ...
  2. OUT OF PRINT: Homoepathy in Cancer

    A modern book from a prescriber who has treated many cases of cancer, Master discusses the miasmatic aspects and the habitual cancer remedies.

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  3. Guide to Common Allopathic Drugs for Homoeopathic Practitioners

    There was a long felt need to present such a book to the profession. For years to come Homoeopathic practitioners all over the world will have to encounter patients who are already on Allopathic drugs and who are now intending to undergo Homoeopathic treatment for IHD, Diabetes mellitus, hypertension etc. The book describes certain...
  4. Skin

    Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Hair loss, Ringworm and much more.This second edition has been completely rewritten in light of the present day knowledge. Many chapters where homeopathic therapeutics was incomplete or not mentioned in the earlier editions like Tuberculosis of skin, Hansen's disease, Disorders of pigmentation, Ichthyosis,...
  5. Hair Loss Including Explained Analysis

    Hair fall, one of the commonest complaints people have. The book talks about how to manage and prevent this problem. Itdetails about: * Anatomy and structure of hair; * Why at all your hairs are falling?; * Different diseases of the hairs; * Clinical cases of hair fall; * How to care for your hairs?; * What are the possible homeopathic...
  6. Perceiving The Rubrics of Mind

    The meaning, cross references, associated diseases & remedies for mental rubrics. ...
  7. Sandy Silicea

    The book explains lucidly every aspect of Silicea ranging from its historical background, proving, pharmacology to the evolution of Silicea personality. It also includes comparison of Silicea with other remedies. It is an interesting book to increase our knowledge about this inert substance.
  8. How to Best Use Boger & Boenninghausen Repertory

    This book begins with a journey through the life and works of Boenninghausen and Boger, taking the readers to the destination of final conception of this repertory and its effective and efficient usage for practice. The concept and plan of Boger Boenninghausen's Charecterstics and Repertory is thoroughly discussed which is essential for...
  9. Glimpses of the Association Between Fairy Tales and Homoeopathy

    Understanding a typical charecter or a particular behaviour and interpreting its components into homeopthic terminology to arrive at the simillium is abasic but difficult task for a homeopath. This is where this book provides additional aknowledge and skill to the homeopath of the modern era. " Fairy Tales", their "Charecters", " The Modified...
  10. Bedside Clinical Prescribing

    This is an enlarged edition of a great work Dr. Master with an ocean of tips for understanding the patient remedies and bedside prescribing. The author entails minute details with regards to the differentiating features of the remedies.. The book provides the students a better insight into the remedies listed as...
  11. Cross References: Mind

    This book lists all of the mental and emotional rubrics from all of the categories in all of the major repertories and cross references them to their related rubrics enabling the practitioner to instantly see the rubric most appropriate for their case. ...
  12. OUT OF PRINT: Tumours & Homoeopathy

    Simplified difficult chapters like cancer and miasms, homoeopathic approach to cancer, etc. Includes early detection, curative measures, rehabilitation of the patient, psychological problems, etc. ...

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  13. In Reprint: Clinical Observations of Children's Remedies

    Our children are our future. Our future starts with providing the best health care for our children. Dr Farokh Master explains in great detail and clarity the perfect approach to the child, the qualities one needs to possess to be a great homoeopathic pediatrician, while providing an in-depth materi ...

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  14. Snakes to Simillimum

    'Snakes to Simillimum' is an essential reference for every serious homeopath and student of homeopathy. A comprehensive overview of homeopathic snake remedies, packed with up-to-date details about snake taxonomy, biology, habitat, provings, and clinical and differential materia medica. It thoroughly ...
  15. Understanding Posology in Classical Homoeopathy (3rd edition)

    Over the past few years there has been tremendous progress in the field of homoeopathy with the discovery of new remedies and new miasms including new methods of posology, but somewhere down the line, the art of Hahnemannian classical homoeopathy has been left behind. We have moved miles away from the teachings of Hahnemann (very reliable) to...
  16. Lesser known Remedies in Pediatrics

    PREFACEThe health problems of children in the third world countries are something of great concern. Homoeopaths in their countries often have to work under the constraints of poor resources and a lack of access to the modern diagnostic aids. Therefore, they require a more exhaustive training i ...

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  17. Bed Wetting Enuresis

    This book especially covers enuresis in detail with proper homoeopathic approach, helping physicians to solve the problem of almost every parent. Are you frustrated because your child wets the bed? Are you looking for information to help you understand what you can do? You are not alone!! Bedwetting is a VERY common childhood...
  18. The Web Spinners

    Provides a brief look at the features and natural habits of spiders and how these relate to the various remedies made from these creatures. In addition to the individual characteristics, Master has discovered the properties of various spider poisons that he has used to bring about some wonderful recoveries.
  19. OUT OF PRINT: Mr. Lycopodium

    The book has been brought out with an idea of giving the in-depth description of the lycopodium which is one of the most powerful therapeutic agent in the whole materia medica.It is well presented and covers sources, doctrine of signature, history, pharmacology, typology from physical and mental poi ...

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  20. OUT OF PRINT: Naja-Naja-Naja

    The author has tried to give maximum amount of reliable information regarding snake venoms in minimum space. An investigation into the source & ecology to bring to life a realistic drug picture of the same. ...
  21. Homoeopathy in Cervical Spondylosis

    This book is self-sufficient compilation of all the facts & figures which a student & a physician need to know. Neck pain is one of the commonest problems one encounters in life. In Homoeopathy, the treatment is aimed for the suffering constitution who is prone to develop such a degeneration than for the actual...

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  22. The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza, Pneumonia and Covid-19

    Dr. Farokh Master does not need any introduction. He has published numerous books and given homeopathic seminars in many countries around the world. In this book Dr Farokh Master and Dr Prachi Makwana give an overview of all the most often used remedies for influenza, pneumonia, and Covid-19, so you can easily differentiate them. The...