Margriet Plouvier-Suijs

Book Author Full Name: Margriet Plouvier-Suijs

Books by this Author

  1. The Last Series Actinium, Uranium, Plutonium and others

    The actinides, when transformed into homeopathic potencies, are remedies of our times, where life seems to be speeding up and old established systems are falling apart. Being at the far end of the periodic table, with the inherent tendency to decay, the Actinides correspond to the approach of death, ...
  2. About Potencies

    Here you see the result of a great and thorough work: an important book in homeopathy’s growth to maturity. Margriet Plouvier has created an extremely workable overview of the functioning of different potencies by systematically and logically arranging her observations of the therapeutic effect after prescriptions. This is a...