Margaret Lucy Tyler

Book Author Full Name: Margaret Lucy Tyler

Books by this Author

  1. OUT OF PRINT: Acute Conditions Injuries, etc

    Includes anatomy and chemistry of the lens, aetiology and pathology of cataracts, prevention of cataracts, general medical opinions as to the curability of cataracts, remedies for the cure of cataract and the treatment of cataracts where Dr. Burnett gives illustrative case notes form his own clinic ...

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  2. Hahnemann's Conception of Chronic Disease, as Caused by Parasitic Micro-organisms

    “The author delves into the mind of the Master, tracking and understanding his thought process which led to the most valued discovery of the theory of chronic diseases and miasms. Multiple cases and examples ensure a better understanding of the subject.” In this short paper the author has traced Hahnemann’s struggle...
  3. OUT OF PRINT: Drosera

    A beautiful treatise on the uses of Drosera in spasmodic & whooping cough & as a laryngeal remedy in varying pathologies-studded with results of provings & case references with detailed follow up ...

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  4. A Study of Kent’s Repertory

    This book attempts to bring forth the working principle of one of the most basic & popular repertory in use i.e the Kent's repertory,guiding students as well as amateur practitioners for a logical prescription.Inclusive of some practical tips on the key to rubric finding. ...
  5. Homeopathic Drug Pictures (Indian edition)

    Excerpts and cases from books and articles by Hahnemann, T.F. Allen, Hering, Hughes, Burnett, Kent, Clarke, Farrington and others are blended with her own experience in 125 colorful remedy descriptions. According to one reviewer, her style is "discursive, anecdotal, and sometimes fulsome and rambling, one of her strengths being an unerring...