Mahesh Gandhi

Book Author Full Name: Mahesh Gandhi

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  1. Homeopathy & Psychiatry - Personal Evolution Model - The Foundation Book

    WE NO LONGER STOCK THIS BOOK! The publisher charges €225,- only to pack the books. We think this is ridiculous as it is only a 20 minute job. We are unique individuals. However, have we ever wondered what makes us so? Each one of us is making a personal journey on this planet. We are at different levels of...

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  2. Homeopathy & Psychiatry - ANXIETY & PANIC - A PEM Perspective

    Dr. Mahesh Gandhi is a Homeopath and Psychiatrist of international repute. For the last thirty five years, he has successfully treated various Psychiatric Disorders with Homeopathy. This clinical experience has helped him introduce the Personal Evolution Model (PEM), a new working model in Psychiatry. The PEM model has been ably applied by...
  3. Homeopathy and Psychiatry - Desktop Psychiatry for Homeopaths

    Dr. Mahesh Gandhi is a reputed Homoeopath and Psychiatrist, with more than thirty-five years of clinical experience. He has successfully used his Personal Evolution Model (PEM) in treating Psychiatric disorders with Homeopathy. This book follows the overwhelming success of his first two books, namely Personal Evolution Model - The Foundation...