Book Author Full Name: MacLeod

Books by this Author

  1. OUT OF PRINT: A Veterinary MM and Clinical Repertory

    Will not be reprinted!The materia medica catalogues, for the most part alpabetically, some 280 remedies, each described with a brief reference to origins, major actions upon the body systems and some useful suggested applications. ...

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  2. Treatment of cattle by homeopathy

    George Macleod was one of the first veterinarians to use homeopathic medicines wholly and exclusively. The aim of the homoeopathic approach is to build up the health of the herd and increase the resistance of its individual members to disease, and, in consequence to increase the milk output and qual ...
  3. Pigs

    Written in response to a growing demand on the part of pig farmers, here is a textbook which will provide a working manual for the homeopathic treatment and prevention of disease in pigs. The author, George Macleod, was one of the first veterinarians to work exclusively with homeopathic remedies. ...