Looking good and feeling younger

Neal's yard remedies

by Susan Curtis

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Looking and feeling younger has never been easier! Whatever your stage of life, there is plenty that you can do to maintain your energy, vitality, appearance and mind by
making simple changes to your lifestyle that incorporate all the best that mother nature has to offer.
This book is designed to help you discover the true meaning of health and natural beauty. Full of practical, down-to-earth advice, and based on a holistic approach and key scientific research, it includes:
• Anti-ageing herbs, remedies, essential oils and supplements
• Superfoods known to have a dramatic effect on your health
• Natural and organic beauty tips from the experts
• Simple lifestyle changes to keep age-related problems at bay
• A youth-boosting diet and a 6-week Rejuvenating Plan

Written by experts in natural medicine, nutrition and beauty this book will show you that it’s never too early or too late to start looking after yourself, and the rewards of increased energy, a youthful appearance, supple skin, shining hair, a sharp mind and a glowingly healthy body, will be evident in only a matter of weeks!

ISBN 9781905830800
Language English
Author Susan Curtis
Pages 96
Publication Date 2007
Type Paperback
Printed in Great Brittain
Publisher Winter Press

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