Liver and Gallbladder - Acquired Authority

With Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Excercises

by Rosina Sonnenschmidt

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The place where disease manifests within the organ system is deeply significant. This is the site of conflict, but where there is conflict there is also the opportunity for resolution and in resolution lies cure.
The liver is the focus of the second volume in the series Organ Conflict Cure by Rosina Sonnenschmidt. The author shows us the energetic significance of the liver discussing its symbolism, the liver temperament and spiritual matters whilst outlining the place of the liver in the historical context of alchemy and its importance in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The issues associated with the liver are acquired authority the personal power that one develops in the course of ones life creativity, humour and drive. If the energy of the liver is suppressed, for example by low self-esteem, the result can be aggression and a wide variety of physical conditions ranging from rheumatism and diabetes to cirrhosis of the liver.
As well as providing detailed information about the structure, function and pathology of the liver, the author gives much invaluable practical advice on treating liver and gallbladder complaints based on her many years as a holistic therapist.
Areas covered include:
- nutrition
- deacidification and detoxification
- herbal remedies
- cleansing the liver and gallbladder
- homeopathy
- extensive section on homeopathic therapeutic remedies

Many schools of thought are drawn on throughout the book, the emphasis being on the miasmatic point of view.
This is a comprehensive and fascinating book that deals with every aspect of the liver in an easily accessible style.

It is the aim of this volume to view and treat the liver and its associated organ the gallbladder holistically, which naturally includes both miasmatic homeopathic and naturopathic treatment. I regard good nutrition as part of naturopathic treatment, as most problems that lead to chronic disease start with the diet. However, above and beyond reflecting on organ remedies, the book will try to understand the inner essence of liver and biliary function and their diseases. In this process of approaching the inner being of liver and gallbladder problems, I am also interested in the miasmatic consciousness, the cause of the disease which is manifesting mentally, emotionally and physically. My approach is creative, associative and sometimes perhaps even bold. But it should be permitted to look at everything concerning the liver and gallbladder both conventionally and unconventionally so that we at least approximate the incredible creativity of the liver.
With this volume of the series I hope to raise the awareness of homeopaths to liver themes and treatments.
I also hope to inspire naturopaths to treat the chronically ill holistically and to look into the homeopathic theory of miasms. Because I always try to see the detail in the whole and the whole in the detail from different points of view, I hope that this work will please both the general reader and the student of the healing arts.
Liver and Gallbladder - Acquired Authority
ISBN 9783941706132
Language English
Author Rosina Sonnenschmidt
Pages 114
Publication Date 2009-11
Type Hardback
Publisher Narayana Verlag