Lights Out

by T.S. Wiley

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A wake-up call you don't want to miss.
With research gleaned from the National Institute of Health, T.S. Wiley and Bent Formby deliver staggering findings that challenge everything you've ever heard about obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and depression. American's aren't just sick and tired of struggling with their weight and battling disease, they're actually sick just because they're tired.
The trouble began with the invention of the lightbulb. When we don't sleep in synch with seasonal light exposure, we alter our biological rhythms that control hormones and neurotransmitters determining appetite, fertility, and mental and physical health. By relying on artificial light to extend our days, we fool our bodies into living in a perpetual state of summer. Anticipating the scarce food supply and forced inactivity of the coming winter, our bodies begin storing fat and slowing metabolism to sustain us through months of hibernation and hunger that never arrive.
But all is not lost. Wiley and Formby lay out a game plan for counteracting the negative effects of living in the age of electricity. Implement the recommended lifestyle changes and rest assured, your health - and America's health - will improve.

ISBN 9780671038687
Language English
Author T.S. Wiley
Pages 354
Publication Date 2001-03-26
Type Paperback