Lamu Provings

by Jan Scholten


This is a report of the provings done on 16 species of plants on the island Lamu, in front of the coast of Kenya. The provings were done in the week of 14 to 19 march 2011. The species taken were growing on the island of Lamu, mostly indigenous. The species were selected with the idea of developing new remedies from families that till now are less known or completely unknown. Special interest was given to mangrove species, in particular species from the family Rhizophoraceae.

The proving form was that of a trituration proving. This has the advantage that the remedies are already potentized to C3 after the proving and ready for further potentisation.

Remedies proven

Catha edulis, Celastraceae
Ipomoea imperati, Convolvulaceae
Adenium obesum, Apocynaceae
Plumeria obtusa, Apocynaceae
Bruguiera gymnorrhiza, Rhizophoraceae
Rhizophora mucronata, Rhizophoraceae
Ceriops tagal, Rhizophoraceae
Avicennia marina, Avicennaceae
Averrhoa bilimbi, Oxalidaceae
Xylocarpus granatum, Meliaceae
Strychnos cocculoides, Loganiaceae
Ceiba pentandra, Malvaceae
Moringa oleifera, Moringaceae
Beaucarnea recurvata, Nolinaceae
Terminalia catappa, Combretaceae
Hyphaena compressa, Arecaceae
Lamu Provings
ISBN 9789074817004
Language English
Author Jan Scholten
Pages 124
Publication Date 2011
Type Paperback
Printed in The Netherlands
Publisher Alonnissos

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