Jonathan Shore

Book Author Full Name: Jonathan Shore

Books by this Author

  1. Birds, Homeopathic Remedies from the Avian Realm

    This book gives a detailed description of 15 birds as well as a complete Toverview of the avian kingdom. For each bird, the core idea is given as well as a number of outstanding key aspects. Proving information and cases from various practitioners fill out the picture of each bird. Birds covered are ...
  2. Tracking the Simillimum

    A basic approach to find a simillimum in homeopathy is through a well taken case. This part is a complete undertaking on the science of homeopathy and case taking. Documentation of cases makes the relevance of homeopathy authentic and significant. This collection of seminars will definitely be a ...
  3. Materia Medica with a Difference

    This work is a collection of Dr Jonathan Shores lectures on some of the key  remedies of Materia Medica where he gives highlighting feature of the remedies  which find main importance while prescribing. How this book is different than all  the Materia Medica is that its not just a factual description of the remedies but a ...
  4. Pediatric Case Taking and Prescription

    In this work there is a collection of Dr Jonathan Shores lectures on children in  general, highlighting the important points useful in pediatrics practice. This book  contains an amalgamation of cases, remedies and staging of remedies, thereby,  giving you a complete picture of pediatric cases, making you to have a...
  5. Remedy Action and Second Prescription

    Prescribing is the first step towards curing the sick to health. Its importance is authentic and evident. Remedy action is well studied under a fruitful practice of classical homeopathy, in this series of lectures various remedy actions have been elaborated with associated cases. This collection ...
  6. The Art of Prescription

    This particular book is a collection of seminars of Dr Jonathan Shore given in Glasgow in 1990 where he has discussed 10 cases with all the details of questions and the patient-physician conversation. Through these cases he has highlighted the points which lead to prescription of a particular rem ...