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Book Author Full Name: John Henry Clarke

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  1. OUT OF PRINT: ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics

    ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics ...

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  2. The Prescriber (Indian edition)

    A concise clinical guide, acclaimed by physicians for over 8 decades as the most practical guide for remedy selection. It helps any person with little knowledge of homeopathy to select the most likely remedy for a vast number of alphabetically arranged ailments. Emphasizes treatment and particulars rather than generalities, with specific...
  3. Whooping Cough

    Whooping Cough Cured with Coqueluchin. The author treated tumors of various parts of the body by medicines with great success. He felt it to be his imperative duty to bring his views and experiences prominently to the fore for the benefit of our common mankind. This book is the first attempt by the author in this direction. It...
  4. The Revolution in Medicine

    The book is an original scripture of the seventh Hahnemannian oration delivered on October 5th, 1886,at the London Homeopathic Hospital by Sir J. H. Clarke that aimed at the masses as well as the existing practitioners to awaken them from their long slumber of ignorance.
  5. Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica (Indian edition)

    In addition to a clinical repertory, this book contains repertories of causation and temperaments as well as listings of clinical and natural relationships of remedies.
  6. A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica (Vols.I, II, III)

    A pulling together of Allen’s Encyclopedia, Hering’s Guiding Symptoms, and Hale’s Remedies. The clinical uses of the remedies are discussed, cases are given as examples of use, and then the remedy symptoms are listed using the Hahnemann schema. John Henry Clarke consulted Allen, Hering, Hughes, Jahr, and Lippe, among...

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  7. Organon of Medicine

    This book is full of new concept & valuable data which have never been published before. This book may also provide one with a new platform for research & higher studies. ...

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