John Henry Allen

Book Author Full Name: John Henry Allen

Books by this Author

  1. The Therapeutics of Intermittent Fever

    This book is divided into three sections: • Introduction consists of 28 pages; • Therapeutics consists of 229 pages; • Repertory consists of 82 pages; Is a wonderful book on fever (not only for intermittent fever but also it gives valuable insight for all types of fevers). In the introductory...
  2. Diseases and Homeopathy Therapeutics of the Skin

    This book is an in-depth look at more than seventy different types of skin diseases giving their clinical description, symptomology, diagnosis, pathology, aetiology, and treatment. He has included a section on general anatomy and physiology as well as a Materia Medica of 185 remedies showing their specific indications for diseases of the skin....
  3. Keynotes and Characteristics

    Allen's Keynotes is one of the most popular and widely read materia medica. The reason for its popularity being its preciseness and comprehensiveness. Dr. Allen has presented the keynote symptoms of 188 of the more commonly used remedies on a style that is very easy to read and comprehend. He has used italics and bold print to emphasise the...
  4. Allen's Keynotes Rearranged & Classified: With Leading Remedies of the Materia Medica & Bowel Nosodes (10th Edition)

    An attempt to present the original keynotes in a manner that can be readily picked up and distinguished from one another so as to avoid any intermingling or misinterpretation. Includes a re-arrangement and classification of remedy keynotes, from the classic edition of Allen's Keynotes, as well as Paterson's article on Bowel Nosodes.
  5. Chronic Miasm Repertory Pseudo Psora

    This is a compilation of the two separate volumes of Sir J.H.Allen’s original work on ‘The Chronic Miasms’ & enlists useful case references with detailed explanation of the Miasms. The subject matter has been dealt with utmost simplicity that can be readily grasped by the reader. This book contains both the...
  6. Materia Medica of the Nosodes

    42 remedies (nosodes, sarcodes and miscellaneous ones like X-ray and South Pole of the Magnet) in great detail. Most extensive work on the subject. This book covers 42 remedies showing the provings for each of them, the people involved in the provings, the method of preparation of the remedies etc. Some examples of the remedies...
  7. The Materia Medica of Some More Important Remedies (Nosodes)

    Taken from Materia Medica of the Nosodes. ...