Joe Rozencwajg

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  1. The Potency - Fibonacci Series

    The choice of the potency of a homeopathic remedy has always been a subject of controversy.While looking for a natural law that could direct this choice,I stumbled upon the Fibonacci series that is present everywhere in the universe.By using those potencies in the correct ord ...

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  2. Homeopathy through the Chinese Looking Glass: Homeosiniatry Revisited

    Mental, emotional and spiritual issues are not the easiest problems to reveal. We depend on what the patients tell us or what we can sense or suspect through body language and use of specific words during the consultation.The body does not lie. If one can read it, it will tell what state ...

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  3. Dynamic Somato-Structural Integration DSSI

    Drawing on his vast experience, Dr. Joe Rozencwajg has the rare ability to unite the essence of different fields of manual medicine into a genuinely clear and effective approach. This he calls Dynamic Somato-Structural Integration, in which he draws on the best of methods like Ortho-Bionomy® and vis ...
  4. Dynamic Gemmotherapy

    More and more people tend to avoid chemical and pharmaceutical drugs when possible; patients, the consumers of health products, realize that although sometimes useful and lifesaving, those drugs do not cure and are fraught with side effects that are sometimes worse than the disease they claim to treat. Homeopathy, Herbalism, Chinese...

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