Insights Into the Consciousness of Snake Remedies

by Sadhna Thakkar


An in-depth exploration of snakes and snake remedies ever written in a format easy to follow, simple to comprehend, and practical to applywith detailed indications differentiating each of these remedies clearly.

The unforgettable journey into the consciousness of these remarkable remedies is traversed through the stories and descriptions of 28 people, leaving the reader with a profound experience, an insightful impression,and hopefully an admiration towards these wonderful creatures.


'Having had the opportunity of reading Sadhana Thakkar's 'Insights into the Consciousness of Snake Remedies', I am impressed how this book manages to cover the full spectrum of perspectives of these remarkable remedies. The reader is presented first with a broad introduction to snakes in general including their anatomy & physiology and lifestyle. As the book unfolds, unique details of each snake speciesas well as corresponding remedy are revealed in a systematic manner. We slowly begin to see the similarities along
with distinct differences between various sub-families of snakes. The presentation of cases is stimulating as she starts with such straightforward simple examples moving to a much more complex presentations. This style of studying Materia Medica is so complete
that it is valuable to all homeopaths regardless of the length of their experience.

For a practitioner, Sadhana's work lends usable characteristics of the doctrine of signatures along with clinically proven characteristics and for the student, the book opens doors to other snakes beyond Lachesis and brings a clarity to other snakes with simple differential charts. I have had the pleasure of pouring over many Materia Medica's in the past couple of years and this book is a real gem - concise and complete. I wish there were more books like this covering other families of homeopathic remedies.' -
Allison Harris

Insights Into the Consciousness of Snake Remedies
ISBN 9780979318009
Language English
Author Sadhna Thakkar
Pages 451
Publication Date 2007
Type Hardback
Publisher Wholistic Health Books