Insecurity: A Homeopathic Perspective

by Massimo Mangialavori

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The psychological perspective of the dimensions and causations of insecurity is examined. The Aluminum and Baryta substances are discussed in depth with cases of several salts of each family. Chapters, each with illustrative cases, in depth discussion, as well as comparative materia medica are presented on Gossypium, Saccharum album, Epiphegus, Tabacum, Daphne Indica, Aconitum, Magnetis polus australis, and Thallium metallicum. Other remedies discussed in some depth include Abelmoschus, Agnus castus, Amphetamine-like, Drosera, Lac delphinum, Lobelia, Natrum muriaticum, Onosmodium, Palladium, Pulmo vulpis, Pyrus americanus, the Rosaceae family, the Rutaceae family, Sulphur and many others.

Edited by Betty Wood
Insecurity: A Homeopathic Perspective
ISBN 9788888799155
Language English
Author Massimo Mangialavori
Pages 459
Publication Date 2008-01-01
Type Paperback
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