Understanding Posology in Classical Homoeopathy (3rd edition)

by Farokh Jamshed Master

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Over the past few years there has been tremendous progress in the field of homoeopathy with the discovery of new remedies and new miasms including new methods of posology, but somewhere down the line, the art of Hahnemannian classical homoeopathy has been left behind. We have moved miles away from the teachings of Hahnemann (very reliable) to the teachings of modern teachers (in flux). Easy access to modern books has made students and doctors feel that studying Hahnemann, his Organon and The Chronic Diseases is superfluous. Therefore I firmly believe that this booklet is intended to facilitate and not eliminate the process of understanding posology in classical homoeopathy. When I started teaching the subject of posology in my seminars, I found the great need of a book which students can read and understand this topic: it would be of immense value. This is the result! — Dr Farokh Master

ISBN 9789076189468
Language English
Author Farokh Master
Pages 102
Publication Date 2013
Type Paperback
Printed in The Netherlands
Publisher Emryss

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