Hydro Homeopathic energy

by Patricia Le Roux


By looking for alternatives, globalization seems to be the last stage of the era of hydrocarbon. As it is the lightest, the easiest and the most common element in the world, hydrogen could become the everlasting combustible. Whats more, hydrogen squares with Homeopathy. This book, written by a specialist, answers the question of acid pain, which is, in the homeopathic vocabulary, the searching of unity and harmony. Many health problems are considered under the principles of vital power. Be sure that the issue of hydrogen is now a crucial point as it makes up a stimulated source of energy with incredible curative effects.

This book studies the strains of different acids and gives concrete examples of clinical cases. You will find out how important this family of homeopathic drugs can be and the number of prescriptions done by paediatricians and homeopaths may surprise you!

Hydro Homeopathic energy
ISBN 9782748305654
Language English
Author Patricia Le Roux
Pages 275
Publication Date 2004-06-02
Type Paperback
Printed in France
Publisher Publibook