How Aphorism 27 Changed The World

by Grant Bentley

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It was Hahnemann’s mission to raise medicine out of the quagmire of fantasy and delusion and to place it on the firm footing of reason and observation, as written in the Organon of Rational Medicine. It is ironic in these modern times that it should be homeopathy, of all the different medical practices, that is throwing itself back deliberately into the pre Hahnemannian world of speculation. How Aphorism 27 Changed The World is an attempt for homeopaths to rediscover the rational foundation of the only system that swept and changed the medical world within the space of one lifetime.

With standard classical case taking, case analysis and repertorising Appearance and Circumstance combined with Homœopathic Facial Analysis will bring your case results to 70%+ within a few months of practice.

ISBN 9781620303559
Language English
Author Grant Bentley
Pages 180
Publication Date 2013
Type Paperback

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