Homoeopathy of the Solar System: Mercury

by Yubraj Sharma

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Contains the homeopathic picture of mercury (about 10 pages) and goes on to cover properties of the metal, toxic effects, astronomical properties and its relationship to cosmological principles, the cabalah of number, astrology, psychology, mythology, human personality, civilization, biology, physiology, occult anatomy, skeletal anatomy and dental anthropology.

This book concerns Mercury: Mercury the planet, the metal and the energy. Written by Dr. Yubraj Sharma, director of the World of Light clinic and founder of the School of Shamanic Homoeopathy, this text is extraordinary in its scope and dedication. Mercury has been investigated and its prowess revealed. The book illuminates, as no other before, the multi-faceted effects of the planet Mercury on Earth. It covers its history and the potential for the future. Dr. Sharma's insights into Mercury are exceptional, revealing its true essence.
The text assists this time of ascension and vibrational lightening of our bodies. It is especially focused on homoeopathy, an energetic tool for healers. Dr. Sharma guides the homoeopath through the many diverse new connections between the remedy and planet Mercury within our solar system.

ISBN 9781904472001
Language English
Author Yubraj Sharma
Pages 270
Publication Date 2003-01-03
Type Paperback
Printed in Great Brittain