Homoeopathic Prescribing

by Noel Pratt

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What can homoeopathy offer to deal with stubborn infections, or to speed convalescence? Which are the most effective medicines for allergies and hypersensitivities? How can one reduce the pain of injuries and assist their healing? ...What alternatives can be prescribed in place of antibiotics, or tranquillisers, or steroids? What supplementary help can the homoeopath bring when conventional treatment must be given? ...How may strange, rare and peculiar symptoms be used as guides? What are the main characteristics of physique and personality that lead to the selection of the constitutional remedy? And how does one decide the best potency and dosage of any remedy?

One hundred and sixty-one common complaints and disorders are covered in the book, arranged alphabetically for easy access. A selection of suitable remedies are then listed, together with details of the particular symptoms and signs that enable the prescriber to differentiate between each of them. The main indications for the constitutional remedies are given in the Appendix.

'Dr Pratt has written a very useful vademecum for those with a good working knowledge of homoeopathy. The way the book is set out makes for clarity and ease of access to the appropriate information.'

Homoeopathy Today
Homoeopathic Prescribing
ISBN 0906584035
Language English
Author Noel Pratt
Pages 83
Publication Date 1980-10
Type Paperback
Publisher Beaconsfield

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