Homeopathy - Stories of Healing

by Various Authors

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Homeopathy: Stories of Healing was written by a group of homeopaths who have met for a day, five to six times a year over 10 years.  This is a collection of their personal stories: the event(s) that started their interest in homeopathy, and the impact it has had in their lives, in the lives of their families and their clients. This book is a wonderful way to introduce someone to the essence of homeopathy and the way that it can affect ones life and health.

Homeopathy: Stories of Healing was written by a group of homeopaths who have met for a day, five to six times a year for over ten years. Each has touched the lives of a vast number of people using homeopathy in their relationships as healers, teachers, parents and friends.
I am thrilled to be the facilitator of this passionate group of individuals who have consistently committed to supporting each other by learning and growing together. For all of us, homeopathy is not only something we do when we enter a consultation room, but also a perspective on life from which we interpret our very existence.
The homeopathic process honors an individual's story and their need to be seen, heard and understood. A well chosen homeopathic remedy engages and ignites change; it encourages an approach to health and healing that addresses the whole person; body, mind, soul and spirit. It is a process that the client needs to enter fully, with a degree of commitment that may be unfamiliar. With wholehearted engagement from the client and practitioner, healing is facilitated and transformation happens. The experience may be one of small incremental degrees of improvement or a sudden mind-boggling alteration of health - or indeed anywhere in between. This is a wonderful kind of relationship to participate in, one that produces fascinating and often provocative and powerful stories.
This is a collection of such stories that touch on the essence of homeopathy and the innate healing ability in us all. It was compiled by the group to convey the experiences that ignited change in ourselves; our own stories of healing.
Simon Taffler, PCH, RSHom
February 2011

“This booklet is a glorious testimony to the healing art: it chronicles the author’s individual paths in healing and also viewed as a whole, their journeys as a group of friends and a cohort of learners. It is a heart warming read!” Misha Norland, Founder of the School of Homeopathy, Devon, England. Containing a Foreword, an Introduction, 14 Personal Stories and Appendices of Selected Resources and Recommended Reading.

Homeopathy - Stories of Healing
Language English
Author Various Authors
Pages 35
Publication Date 2010
Type Paperback
Printed in USA