Homeopathy: Principles and practice

by Ernest Roberts

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Complete text on the philosophy and practice of homopathy. Based on many years of clinical experience with case studies. Continually refers real and complex situations back to the principles Aunderlying homopathy. Draws on the classic works of Hahnemann, Kent and Vithoulkas. Covers important subjects such as the second prescription, allopathic drug withdrawal, complex cases and miasms. Clearly laid out with useful diagrams, further reading and exercises to each chapter. An important reference work for both students and practitioners of homopathy. David Mundy RSHom, FSHom

Homeopathy: Principles and practice
ISBN 1874581975
Language English
Author Ernest Roberts
Pages 197
Publication Date 2001-09-20
Type Paperback
Printed in Great Brittain
Publisher Winter Press