Homeopathy for the modern pregnant woman and her infant

by Sandra Perko

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The Professional

Midwives, physicians, nurses and professional homeopathic practitioners will find themselves reaching for this book time and time again as they assist pregnanat women through a number of prenatal and neonatal difficulties.

The Teacher

If you teach homeopathy to midwives or conduct prenatal classes, you will find this book to be the most comprehensive, thorough and detailed reference work available to assist you in teaching every aspect of prenatal and neonatal care.

The Pregnant Lady Herself

If you are pregnant and you know the wonderful benefits of homeopathy, you will be able to anticipate and solve many potential prenatal and neonatal problems in order to insure a happy and trouble free pregnancy.
Homeopathy for the modern pregnant woman and her infant
ISBN 9780965318747
Language English
Author Sandra Perko
Pages 415
Publication Date 1997-02
Type Paperback
Printed in USA
Publisher Benchmark Homeopathic Publications

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