Homeopathy for Horses

by Tineke Verkade

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The Homeopathy for Horses Handbook has been written to provide an easy to follow comprehensive guide for people who want to use a more natural approach for the care of their horses.

The procedures outlined in this book do not in any way replace the Veterinary Surgeons, their training and clinical expertise in the care and treatment of horses. 

I have tried to create a format that is a quick reference and a step by step guide on what to use and on how to administer the homeopathy in the more common situations.

Homeopathy may be used on its own or in conjunction with conventional medicines.

Homeopathy can be used for the individual animal or on a whole herd prevention programme.

I hope this book will become the 'homeopathic horse bible' like 'the homeopathic handbook for Dairy Farming' has become 'The bible' for Dairy Farmers.

The sole purpose of this book is to assist Horse owners who are interested in natural treatments other than convertional methods.

Homeopathy for Horses
ISBN 9780473180782
Language English
Author Verkade
Pages 80
Publication Date 2010
Type Paperback
Printed in New Zealand