Homeopathy for Birth Trauma

by Harry van der Zee

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A new book by the author of Miasms in Labour. The significance of birth for good health later in life and the role homeopathy can play before, during and after birth is worked out in this challenging book. A wide variety of topics concerning conception, pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period are being discussed, illustrated by a selection of fascinating cases in which the birth history plays a crucial role. The book emphasizes how true it is that we are as we are born and shows the practical implications this fact has for birthing, homeopathic treatment during birth and homeopathic case taking later in life. Conception, pregnancy and the birth process together are the blueprint of life and recognizing their dynamics in a case helps understanding the fundamental themes in the life of the individual.


For me this is a brilliant book with wonderful, in depth cases about birth trauma healing and vividly demonstrating its profound effects upon life. I know a lot about this subject, as I wrote a book partly on this, yet I learnt a lot more from Homeopathy for Birth Trauma. The theory Harry van der Zee gives, inspired by Stanislav Grof, and directly linked to The Organon, is demonstrated by a wide variety of fascinating birth trauma case studies. This is homeopathy at its best, cutting edge and rooted in great cases from this millennium that we can easily relate to.
Peter Chappell FSHom

This very well researched, beautifully written book is suitably documented with several case studies which establish the idea that the birth process could provide very useful clues for a patient's state. It gives us impetus to test the idea in our practice so that we can find yet one more area where we can look for or confirm the remedy.
Rajan Sankaran MD
Homeopathy for Birth Trauma
ISBN 9789080710351
Language English
Author Harry van der Zee
Pages 158
Publication Date 2007-09-03
Type Paperback
Printed in The Netherlands
Publisher Homeolinks
Book Author(s) Harry van der Zee

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