Homeopathic Therapeutics - Possibilities in Chronic Pathology

by Jacques Jouanny


Major remedies of the psoric and sycotic reactional modes; clinical applications including ENT and respiratory tract, digestive system, gynecology, urinary tract, circulatory system, dermatology, nervous system and the osteoarticular system.

"Conveying the philosophical and scientific basis of our therapeutics to present day practitioners is one of the major challenges that the homeopathic community faces. Through this text, Dr. Jouanny and his fellow authors have come a long way on this path. I believe that all open-minded physicians will welcome their articulation of the predisposition to disease as mediated through the chronic reactional mode and the constitutional type of the patient. Their systematic presentation of homeopathic methodology is elegant."
Edward H. Chapman, MD
President, American Institute of Homeopathy

"This book offers generous prescribing guidelines for chronic conditions that can be accessible to homeopathic medicine, including women's health problems, dermatoses, and behavorial problems. Homeopathic therapeutics is an excellent guidebook for the debutante practitioner and a useful addition to the responsible prescriber's desktop."
Joseph M.Helms, MD

"It not only brings homeopathy into the modern era, but also creates a much needed bridge between the two disciplines of homeopathic and allopathic medicine."
Ifeoma Ikense, MD
(extracted from the foreword)

Homeopathic Therapeutics - Possibilities in Chronic Pathology
ISBN 2857420102
Language English
Author Jacques Jouanny
Pages 366
Publication Date 1984
Type Paperback